LOKORO DIAMONDS INC is a new generation of diamond companies dedicated to setting a new standard in the industry, not achieved by our competitors.  

We are offering a unique opportunity to invest in what will be one of the world’s leading rough diamond mining, trading and distributing companies.

LOKORO is projected to deliver a high return on investment over a five year period.  This will be done through the use of our extensive network of hundreds of diamond partnerships, including miners, brokers and dealers throughout fifteen African diamond producing nations.

In our quest to do so, we shall strictly comply with the industries’ ethical standards, thereby delivering conflict-free, quality diamonds and the highest possible return on investment to shareholders. LOKORO will also commit to improving the lives of the people and communities where we will be operating.

LOKORO’S mission is to become a family of stakeholders who provide our buyers quality products in faster and more brilliant ways.  We are committed to the highest level of honesty and integrity and our management team is now ready to exceed expectations. 

LOKORO DIAMONDS INC was named for the LOKORO River of Democratic Republic of Congo, flowing westerly assisting creation of Lake Mai-Ndombe and the southern part of the river through the Salonga National Park, Africa's largest tropical rainforest reserve.

Begin a new generation of diamond companies; setting standards unachieved by our competitors in the past  and present, offering a unique and unparalleled opportunity in becoming one of the world’s leaders in rough diamond mining, trading and distributor companies of par excellence. Through the use of our extensive network of hundreds of diamond partnerships, miners, brokers and dealers throughout Africa - a continent that produces more than 65% of the world’s total diamonds productions according to the Kimberly Process 2011 report on the sale production and export of rough diamonds.

Here at LOKORO , we are committed to delivering both conflict-free and high quality rough diamonds to our clients, as well as offering each of our investors the highest possible return on Investment with the lowest possible risk, thereby, granting our shareholders a true added value on their investment. LOKORO is also committed to improving the lives of people and the communities and governments in which we operate, through the creation of employment and financial assistance to small-scale miners and diamond dealers. This will be accomplished through our micro-financing and poverty reduction assistance program. 

We operate under the Rapaport Fair Trade in which we agree to provide fair wages to all those working within our chain of production and supply; provide a community enhancement program which will benefit the people who live in the area in which our suppliers, miners, and dealers operate; Do No Harm - no displacement of peoples; fully uphold labor regulation, and no aiding of conflict or violence in any way.

LOKORO was formulated with the thought of maximizing the use of its capital, resources, skills and management expertise in order to obtain the most output from its sources, and to obtain 85% of our rough diamonds directly from the small to medium size miners, dealers and brokers. 

We will never compromise our high ethical standards and benchmarking as this creates loyalty amongst our suppliers through good corporate relations and offers a fair and competitive buying price. It also provides our buyers a quality product which affords them an excellent value and opportunity. 

LOKORO believes in good citizenship business principles to guide our decisions and actions. Wherever we are around the globe, we adhere to the highest standards of business integrity and ethics.

We also recognize the need for careful environmental stewardship. We will actively seek to minimize the impact of our operations and provide a positive legacy for generations to come.