African nations have been the source of natural rough diamonds since the 1880’s. Prior to undertaking this project, we took an expedition throughout Eastern and Southern Africa.

Upon entering Democratic Republic of Congo, we journeyed along the banks of Lokoro River and Lake Mai-Ndombe, the Kasai river basin which have been the source of millions of carats of rough diamond for many decades.

After discovering many small and large mining companies operating in the region and learning that Lokoro River brings oxygenated water and nutrients into the swamp forest which sustains the flora and wildlife, the name LOKORO DIAMONDS was christened.

Determined to build an irrefrangible organization, capable of withstanding the changes of time, we assembled a group of diamantaires, individual investors, marketers, gemologists, and master diamond cutters.

LOKORO DIAMONDS envisions to entering America’s lucrative natural rough diamond market and reviving the legacy of the early years of the 20th century.