LOKORO’s sales market is to 10,000 rough diamond shareholders; brokers, cutters, dealers, jewelry manufacturers, and jewelry retail chains throughout the world.

The majority of our diamonds buyers are located in the following nine diamond trading centers around the world.

  • Antwerp
  • Hong Kong
  • Dubai
  • London
  • New York
  • Moscow
  • Mumbai
  • Shanghai
  • Tel Aviv 
Sales Offices

LOKORO’s sales offices will initially be located in New York, Antwerp, and Dubai, with additional full service offices in Mumbai by 2015/2016, and Tel Aviv by 2016/2017.  Representative sales offices where our diamonds are transported, cleared, secured and managed via New York, will be created in Hong Kong, London, Moscow and Shanghai by 2018. 

The focus of these sales offices will be to build a relationship with the various rough diamond dealers, traders, cutters, and manufacturers thereby, offering diamantaires and diamond professionals the advantage of fast track product deliveries, superb diamond quality, and a variety of products on demand. This will assist in eliminating an anachronistic system of diamond trading by reducing excess inventory and upfront product operating cost at a competitive price as well as, marketing and selling of rough diamonds through the extensive network of diamond professionals in the prospective diamond center. 

The Function of the Sorting and Sales Offices

The primary sorting and sales offices will have three primary purposes and will allow LOKORO the ability to centralize its main order processing, sales, trading, receiving, and shipping to the major diamond centers around world within a four business day timeline. This will lessen the amount of time goods are in transit, thereby reducing lag time for payment of goods. Those three purposes are: 

  1. Importing, sorting, grading and pricing all rough diamonds shipped from the primary and secondary procurement offices in Africa.
  2. Exporting various rough diamond parcels to the rough diamond selling centers.
  3. Selling rough diamonds to pre-selected buyers in Antwerp Dubai and New York.